For Immediate Release – 3/5/2020
Contact: Steve Jewett, 860-985-8003

Insurance Matters to CT: Government-run health insurance is an expensive option for Connecticut’s taxpayer

Hartford, CT – “Insurance Matters to Connecticut,” a coalition formed in 2019, is relaunching today. Insurance Matters has served as an advocacy hub for health plans, health providers, businesses, and taxpayers to communicate to legislators about their concerns around state government-run health care models such as the state government option (SB 346).

“We want to keep Connecticut the insurance capital of the world. There are 25,000 good paying health plan jobs in the Hartford region that are being recruited by other states. The proposed state government option bill will only put those jobs at risk and few people believe that state government will be more efficient in running Connecticut’s healthcare system.”

“As a state, we need to stay competitive and support the growth of the health industry here, which includes pushing back against legislation that says government run health care is a better model,” says Steve Jewett, a West Hartford homeowner, a former health executive, and spokesperson for the coalition.

“We can’t take for granted that our home state health plans keep their operations here. Insurers are being courted by other states. The region’s economy, housing prices, and vitality are all dependent on a healthy local insurance workforce.”

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